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With sizes ranging between 25 and 42 square metres, there are King’s rooms to suit everyone’s needs. Recently refurbished, all rooms offer a kitchenette, en suite bathroom, air conditioning, wifi and flat screen TV. Some may have a balcony or patio overlooking the pool and some will have a view of the gardens, but they all come with their unique aesthetics.

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King's Village Rooms

There is a reason most of our guests have been coming back, year after year… We have developed the properties to resemble a small village. This creates a unique atmosphere for those staying on the premises, of belonging to a small community. And like with any community, we provide for every style, age and need.

King Village Apartment Double bed
Offering you so much more than a beach holiday

Bike friendly? Yes!

Are you the more active and eco-friendly type of guest? Look no further! We work closely with The Hub to offer you a bike-friendly holiday. We can provide parking space and anything you may need in terms of repairing your bicycle or preparing for a trip.

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